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Beautiful Reuse Answered

Here are 20 brilliant examples of recycling items and giving them a funky new purpose in life. WebUrbanist has compiled the list and you should check it out right now.

20 Eye-Catching Pieces of Recycled Urban Furniture: Geeky and Green Adaptive Reuse Design Projects
via Neatorama


There is something about this Iron lamp that appeals to me :-) .


I've went through several irons this year, want an lnstructable?

There's nothing quite like grown men in short climbing shorts ironing while suspended off of a cliff.

what has happened to the world...

next they will be up there sewing skirts, eh ? LOL

just one question, where did they get the "power" for that early one where the steam and heat is coming out of the iron? There couldn't have been any outlets on the mountain :-)

duh: those massive battery packs they sell at canadian tire. they also come in compact versions.

That's all a little calm for me, needs to be more extreme, actually see the one where thye iron with the board up at an angle, I do that normally for the shirts, it makes it way quicker, yes I do my own ironing and a lot of my family's because I leanr't in cadets and my mother is bad at it...


10 years ago

I like all except for the one with the fluorescent tubes. the glass walls are really thin and it's filled with mercury vapors. If it breaks there is a chance you will inhale significant amount those mercury vapors.

I really love the pen chandelier. So nerdy, yet beautiful.


10 years ago

Dang, I love that cast iron love seat. Very elegant!