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Becausewecan table for Penny Arcade Answered

Our friends over at Becausewecan just built an awesome Twisp and Catsby conference table with wood and resin inlays for the folks at Penny Arcade. They did a great job - it even glows1 in the dark!

Check out the making-of video here:

1 I'm totally taking credit for that one - last time we visited they were doing resin-pouring tests, and I passed along info on glow in the dark pigment powder. We got a sample from TAP plastics last Maker Faire, and this seemed an excellent use!


I wonder if there is a way to do this without the fancy equipment (router table). This is really cool but a bit out of my reach.

Maybe with a scroll saw, though you couldn't do a table that large. My scroll saw has maximum "throat" opening of 20", so theoretically I could do a table top that is no larger than about 38" from the center to any outside point. I suppose it could also be done with a hand router and chisel, and some elite woodworking skills!

Yes, skills that are just as beyond me as the equipment mentioned is :-)

With a scroll saw it really wouldn't be too hard (though again you have a size limit). It would be easy enough to cut the pattern out of 1/4" baltic birch ply, then glue that onto a thicker sheet of ply (say, 3/4"). The cavities could then be filled with resin as shown in the video.

It would be nearly impossible in my apt. though. I would need a lot more room...and a scroll saw :-)

Ah, well, those are some rather major showstoppers. :(

Totally! Huge thanks for the idea of the glow-in-the-dark powder. We got ours from http://www.artstuf.com/ (that who we also get the resin from) instead; it's a sculptural supply company based here in the Bay Area that we love.

Goodhart, you totally can do this sort of thing without a CNC router table. You do it in a totally different way, and there are several books on it. And it's not has hard as you might think. Get the templates and inlay bits cut via Ponoko and you'd be halfway there!

This is our first plunge into 'making of' vids to go with what we did. Seeing that folks seem to like them, we'll be doing more detailed ones soon!

That is beautiful! I wish they had explained it a bit more, though.

thats very nice!

it looks amazing i wish i had the moon thing on my wall it first i was like omg theres paint everwhere but it got sanded down