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Beer Mat Collectors? Answered

Does anyone else on instructables collect beer mats?

I just started as I love ale and have seen loads of cool designs. I thought I'd post to see if anyone else on here collects and would like to swap some of their duplicates for some of mine?


How man, I found someone's collection on the market, fiver:



Wow that's quite a haul :D You collecting now? If so I'll post you some of the ones I have multiples of (excluding the multiples of those Nook ones you sent)

No I picked 'em up out of interest first, and then for your collection. I can hang on until we might meet or fill an envelope with what you'd like - I think there's a high res' image there.


Thanks L! Still up North, I got lots done the first week and haven't gone back yet :p Here for one more week. Spent yesterday dismantling an engine. :D

Post the Nook ones if you would, I like the cartoons...


The hobgoblin ones are excellent. The one I have says "Afraid of the dark lagerboy?"

Here are the nook ones, and the hobgoblin one because it's awesome:

The Nook?  (Checks website)  Holmfirth!  Proper beer country, though I've never tasted their stuff (it's been years since I visited Holmfirth).

Hobgoblin is a bit ... chemical.  I drink it, but only because non-beer-drinkers buy it for me.

Breweries I strongly recommend, in no particular order:
  • Adnams
  • St Peter's
  • Coniston
  • Bitter End
  • Jennings
  • Kirkstile

I didn't like the Adnams ones I tried. Perhaps I'll try them again. My favourite breweries are Badger, Hogs Back Brewery and Dark Star. I agree with you on Hobgoblin, though their advertising's always funny.

Hog's back sounds a lot like Hop Back, and they do some nice stuff.


Oooooo. I've had Spring Zing. And I have one of their mats.

Durham produces some very good stuff. And there are loads around me, but I topic-ed that already.


Need any belgium beercards?

I remember having a box of them downstairs in the basement for a yardsale. But I'm not sure if I sold them or not.

We have around 500 different kinds of beers so I think there will be plenty of cards to be gathered :D

I myself collect glasses of every beer I had the pleasure of drinking


Wow that would be amazing, I don't have any Belgian ones yet. I could post you a nice glass in return for some mats. :)

The mats from Lemonie arrived today. 6 different kinds! Yayyy.

I got you a Dr Simpo Nook brewhouse beermat, PM the postal address and I'll send what I have in Jan (lest I forget to ask)


Some of my friends did this in amsterdam, some amazing ones there and so many bars !
I think i lost mine i just have a few heineken ones left

I popped into the pub this aft' - clean out of their own beer mats, Taylor's Landlord everywhere and they didn't even have a barrel on. Still they did have a really nice fire... well it was after I fettled it for them.
Anyway, I did manage to get a first-generation pump-label, it's only laminated card, trimmed with scissors, BUT it is surely unique and by that virtue very rare indeed, it features comissione artwork by Dr Simpo.
When I've got an envelope full of stuff I'll get back to you.



8 years ago

I have a whole lot that need a good home.  I used to collect them but only want a few kicking around now.  For the cost of shipping I'll mail you a whole bunch!

Wow that'd be awesome. Could you PM me the weight please and I'll find out how much shipping to the UK would be. Roughly how many do you have? Thanks

 Great idea! I have never heard of it.

He he. Some have really cool designs. I'll scan and upload them all to my website in the next month or so, I should have more by then too as I currently only have 15 (plus duplicates of a few)

I might be able to get you some you won't have, I'll let you know.