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Beer Pong! Answered

I'm a college kid hoping for a fun project this summer! Anyone have any neato ideas for a badass beer pong table? I will be building one this summer and I will be sure to post it! : )


I recommend making it foldable and if you have some money add LED lights under where the cups will go, It makes it funa nd you can play it in the dark. My buddy made a real nice one and it actually got put on the home page of a beer pong website: . http://www.bestbeerpong.com  it a pretty fun table to play, the lights are weight sensitive so they wont light up if the cups arent filled up enough

I made one with some plywood, 2x4's and folding legs. I think i got the legs online from a store like this:

The only problem was that the legs were really small and while the plywood was sturdy, someone either leaned (prob sat) on it one night and the legs got crushed in and couldn't be fixed.

One of my old roomies got a table from:
http://www.pongalong.com that actually worked well and could be put in the closet.

I will always prefer a homemade one though ... hope I could help!

I'm a college kid.... neato ideas for a badass beer pong table?

The answer came before the question.... Cheap ;) Don't invest too much -- you'll quickly outgrow it ;) Then again, I don't follow the college "drink till you blackout - it's not alcoholism because I'm in college" mentality :p

You don't go with cheap because you'll out grow it, you go with cheap because it will have beer spilled all over it. Personally, I liked the table some friends of mine had that was a frame made of 2x4s with a plywood top so the top could be replaced without constructing another table. The added bonus was that people could write on the table in marker so the table gained character the more they used it.

ewww! blackout? That's when the "dick face fairy comes" lol! (not a gross porn reference... youtube Human Giant) : )