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Best way to clean an etched stain in laminate countertops? Answered

So I used some of the copper etching solution of HO and HCl and some of it accidentally spilled on my bathroom countertop (I think it's laminate, one of those veneer things). I didn't think it sat very long, but now the area where it sat is distinctly lighter. What's interesting is that if I wipe it down with water, it becomes "normal looking," but as soon as it's dry, the lighter stain comes through again. 

Anyone have any suggestions? Is this something that can be absorbed or cleaned off? Or is there a solution you can use to darken a countertop?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Whoops. The darker look comes from the water actually being retained in the exposed area. My suggestion would be to put paper towel onto the mark, hold down with something heavy/ish and let it dry out completely. Find a coloured pencil that matches and fill in, then rub down. There are grout pens which might do the job but they may be too "dull' if the surface is shiny. A sealant would help prevent the gradual errosion of the mark through usage. Good luck with it.

In removing stains from my laminate countertops, I just mix baking soda with enough water that will form into paste. Apply it on the stained area for about 2 hours then wipe it of with soft cloth.You may also use nail polish remover for ink stains and bleach for chemical stains. Always, make sure to wipe off spilled foods right away keep your Counter clean and stained free. When you are restoring the color of your Laminate Counter], You can follow these procedures: 1. Choose a color laminate wax, Apply the paste wax to the countertop by creating small overlapping circles over the entire area. 2. Drag the rag through the wax after every few passes over a section of the counter surface. Let the paste wax dry until it turns a whitish hazy color. 3. Rub the wax off the counter top with a soft, lint free cloth. Rub the cloth in a circular motion until the white haze has been removed completely. Make sure you use products that are approved by your fabricator.

Thanks for the advice. Yes, I meant hydrogen peroxide, figured that meant HO (figured wrong I guess). Sounds like I'm out of luck on this one. It's got this silly design on it...

.  You have chemically bleached the counter. The Cl in HCl is a good bleach. H2O2 is a common hair bleach. I know of no remedy, but I know next to nothing about laminate countertops, so my ignorance is not indicative of much. ;)

What's this HO stuff?
You will probably want to re-finish the whole surface. That may mean spilling etching-solution on the rest of it, or polishing etc. but synthetic laminates are generally hard to restore.


. Possibly H2O2. It's a common DIY Cu etchant

Yes, HO being a minimalist expression?



7 years ago

Try rubbing the spot with mineral oil.

I guess it's like when your hair gets darker when it's wet.