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Big/unignorable problems with the instructables website Answered

Hello Anyone who reads this topic. I have massive problems viewing the instructables website ,in fact this problem stayed with me since i had my first psp,and then my new psp has the same problem. First,It randomly asks me if i want to save a file i think it is called tracking.jsp Second,the website shows up really messed up. Third if you want more info,browse the instructables website on a psp so you can see what i mean. Take a look at the pictures- oh yeah...its on the psps browser just in case you did not know Here are its specs,just in case you did not know Cpu clock 222MHz -max 333MHz Memory(RAM) 64Mb(unlike the 32 of the phat psp) Os running: CFW 5.00 M33-6(same thing happened in OFW 3.75 and OFW 5.00) Memory stick:1GB total/about 400MB free space As you can see in the pictures this is horrificly bad. Any ideas?


I think Instructables is geared more toward "Firefox" as the browser of choice. I still do Internet Explorer (yeah, yeah, I don't like the fonts in Firefox - and I can't afford a MAC) but the site is optimized to work better with Firefox. I get your first image problem when there is a glitch in my internet connection and the page sometimes fails to load completely. I can't say for sure, but all of the cookie processing may be giving you those errors and the ads with animation murking about may not work well on your PSP. I don't know how big a base of PSP users would be needed to have them iron out the bugs with using the PSP as your primary browser let alone add that to the zillions of other things on their programming to-do list.

The PSP web broswer is a port of netscape, The older firefox. It must not handle CSS well

Can you help me with this, i cannot veiw instructables step by step images in large, does anyone know how to fix?

Sorry I can't help you. The site is in flux with adding mechanisms to allow or restrict users from "Pro" features depending on if you are a paid user or not. If you are using the PSP browser, I would think that you will encounter a harder time browsing Instructables. The programming changes are probably geared more for common users on PCs or MACs and may not be compatible on the PSP.

Here's a rephrase: Your PSP comes with a half-arsed, partially implemented browser. Since your browser can't handle all of the "standard" (yeah, I hate that word, too) features used by the I'bles implementation, it's not surprising that what you see is fairly broken.

"Here's a rephrase: Your PSP comes with a half-arsed, partially implemented browser." LMAO

You know you can use Safari on Windows computers.

I just installed Safari for XP. It actually works well. Now to get used to where all the buttons are. Thanks.

I do not have a PSP to see what works. I do not think the PSP uses a fully enabled browser application to work with all the elements used in the web page. You can google it to find out.

I have a PSP (havn't used it in a while since I have an ipod touch), but the internet browser just sucks. It's also only wireless B and it has like no RAM (well, I have the old Phat PSP) hows homebrew going? I havn't updated in a long time, I have one of the original m33 or whatever firmware

M33 means CFW you either have OFW or CFW Well i don't know I just got CFW on my psp and just now i am exploring the world of homebrew so far i got about 10 homebrew apps to run perfectly fine including emulators and such Also since you have a phat psp...there is a homebrew app to use it as a universal remote,due to it having IR