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Billy is alive! Answered

Our esteemed intern Billy finally departed for Japan a few days ago with nothing but a backpack, toothbrush, change of clothes and camera. Having not heard from him in a few days we were starting to worry, but I am happy to report that he is alive... and taking pictures! Albeit, it is not exactly clear what he is taking pictures of. Perhaps you can make sense of this.


It appears as though everything in this picture is severely out of focus except the very far left building beyond the tree. I wonder how that happened?

Gah, that anonymous list is so annoying - Billy, please, put some thumbnails up or something!

Why? Every picture is like a mystery box waiting to be unwrapped.

Guess where I put a robot sticker

I am trying to get the pictures all up to date tonight (It is 3 am where I am). The blog may take a bit longer, but I have a paper journal full of entries waiting to be digified. If only there were some god like OCR program to read my chicken scratch. Pictures say a thousand words though, so consider my site to be a novel.

I originally just was using server space to store my photos, and would download them stateside because of the limited storage I have with me. If anyone has a suggestion to make the layout more user friendly without too much work, I am all ears.

Looks like you're having fun, and you're even alive! I can try to whip something up to display the images, if you want.

I've just been opening them in separate tabs and then going through them. It's a little easier. :P

Awesome! Did he get his bike? ...Any word on where he's been sleeping?

Yeah, I knew he was couchsurfing the first night...but as far as I had heard, he had no plans past that. I didn't know that he has an Eee (though it seems like he just got it), cool!

The pictures are certainly interesting. I wish him luck in translating the moonspeak.

But why was he standing in the road?

Presumably the photos will mean more when Billy explains them (steel taco shell?), but for now it looks like he's being a stereotypical American tourist - wandering around taking pictures of everything that is either (a) different to home or (b) the same as home.

(Billy, if you're reading this, we expect a proper slideshow to be published very soon)

Oh! I recognise this one - it's a ticket machine on the Tokyo rail network! It was on Top Gear recently - the train split in two, with a presenter on each half, and no speakers of Japanese in the whole crew... Much hilarity ensued...

Hmm, looks like it is possible, from the glare in the upper potion of the picture, that he is inside a vehicle with a large back window (back of the bus?). In the pic posted here, he appears to be inside either a subway, or a (below ground) garage entrance.

That posted pic may be from the back of a bus also

That was amusing, even better was the fact the we beat ze germans...

Ah but fair enough, considering the driver was their stig... Hammond did a good save after his complete failure to judge heights...

Oh, is that what those are called. Hmm, if we assume this is not early morning, but rather afternoon, this pool then would be situated towards the south-west side of the building, with the spectators looking almost north-west ( W-NW ?) I like analyzing pictures :-)

Yay Billy! I was wondering how he was. At least we know he's alive! Now I know to start checking his site. :D