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Blast Nyan Cat on a Canoe Trip? Answered

ok, so i'm going on a canoe trip with scouts, and i'm just wondering how i can constantly blast nyan cat from my canoe. I can't bring an ipod, and it has to be somewhat water proof.

NOTE: I will only use this to torment people SOMEtimes.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Bam! https://www.instructables.com/id/Waterproof-Speakers-that-float-quotIt-floats-/

You need to bring _some_ playback device. Figure out what you can waterproof and work from that.

Personally, the first time you tried this I'd dump you from your canoe, and the second time I'd make sure you were actively uninvited from any future trip. It's very much a "funny once", emphasis on ONCE.

unfortunately i have to agree, after listening to 1,500 seconds of nonstop nyan cat its kind of annoying. i like the pop tart though.