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Blog off! Answered

If my sixty-seven year old father can do it from Vietnam, then I should be able to.

I have a blog.

Lightly-populated as yet, suggestions for topics are welcome, but may be ignored.


I've made a significant update.

Comments are especially welcome from followers and those who subscribe to me here.

What is the sound of one hand blogging?

If a blog falls on the internet does it make a sound?

What is the official birding jacket?

Interesting, but I'm surprised that you are asking for ideas. Under "Profanity" -  language is how you use it, the words are just a part of language.


I'm good at writing, at pontificating, but sometimes I need a trigger.

Call it "title block".

Oh please you read The Mail on occasion - what more do you need?


Haha, true.

Anyhoo, I am part-way through the next post.

W/ref your last, I was thinking yesterday about automated car-washes - can you work-out how I was relating them to keg-beer?


I know the used kegs are washed and sterilised in a set-up rather like an automated car wash...?

Or did you just have a really badly-kept pint that tasted of line cleaner?

"Good" idea: both are automated, constant, require little skill to operate and reduce the need for staff. But when people lose bits off their cars, find scratches & missed-bits they eventually end up going back to hand-jobs. Like when people get sick of bad beer.


Oops, I meant consistent, bad spell-check.


I have an urge to type... any ideas for a subject?

The different kinds of love? 
Stuff that makes you mad?
Stuff that makes you smile?
An analysis of (insert sex, rac, etc) ism in modern English?
The direction you see this site going?

OR you can mix and match - how about the different kinds of sexism on the site? Or love that makes you mad? :-D 

Underage drinkers...

Lol, JK. I don't know...

I like the subjects upon which you touch upon within your blog, especially the post about the work day that the majority of civilisation go through each and every work day, I often look around and reflect similar thoughts as to what you express within that post.

I get up at 7, have a harried breakfast, get packed for school, get chasticed by all, often have not even enough time to get to brush my teeth and yet I am still late. On the way to school I often have a little sleep in the car, not fully awake yet and then get to my bus, running because I'm late. I'll grab a coffee if I have enough time, putting enough caffein to keep me up until the first break we get at the institution of learning that we call "school".

The morning is a blur of commotion yet I'm moving as slow as can be, a zombie at sea...

*blank stare*

 I happen to like your opinion on the uniform topic.  Unfortunately, my school never implicated the uniform policy.  It made me sad.

Unfortunately? Are we having connection issues?
I don't like uniforms, but if we ended up having them, I don't think I'd mind. As long as I could keep my hair long.

 (I was talking to Kiteman, with whom I completely agree)

I think the uniforms would settle a number of problems in school systems today.  

Clothing and fashion styles can be quite distracting in the school environment, and removing them would move the priorities from "what do I look like in the morning" to what school is actually intended for, which is learning.  

Schoolchildren see their clothing as a means to express themselves, but what these schoolchildren forget is that schools are not places of self expression, they are places of learning.  

i semi-agree with you i think there should be just codes(pants mut be so long,t-shirts should not have inapropriate/offending things on them etc,but there should not be uniforms. kids should have SOME sort of freedom somewhere or else they feel  like they have NO SAY ON ANYTHING and they do EVEN WORSE education-wise.

 They do have freedom to do those things, outside of class.  In school, it just isn't appropriate.

School = Learning

School is not a public showcase for fashion sense.

They should have freedom of dress, but only when they are outside of school. 

However, studies show the opposite - requiring students to wear uniform promotes inclusion, and improves behaviour/learning.


Even with our uniform policy firmly in place, we still get the girls who can get away with skinny trousers looking down on the girls who can't, and trainer envy between boys at lunchtimes (when they are allowed to wear trainers to play soccer, bulldogs etc)

 Trainer envy?  Sorry, but I'm lacking a total knowledge of British terminology.

Trainers = casual shoes worn for sports activities.


8 years ago

I have to disagree slightly on the swearing front.  The problem is (as always) there are several related uses-

1) "*$!&!" on hitting your thumb with a hammer. Swearing decreases pain so I have no problem with this, as long as it's saved for the times when you electrocute yourself with mains or break a leg, as opposed to drop a pen on the floor or can't get your door key in the lock.

2) Littering normal conversation with obscenity. I completely agree that this belies a lack of imagination and articulacy and is undesirable.

3) Swearing for specific effect, as "you don't give a ****" in the sermon.  I find this to be an occasionally valuable tool, and I'm sure it can be very effective.

For the rest of the time, however, I see swearing as a linguistic frontier.  Much of the form of English is fixed, and apart from those dismal tabloid-newspaper coinages (metrosexual) and irritating business/web buzzwords (webtop) , there are few opportunities to play with extending the language. 

Given the rich nuance and many meanings associated with some common obscenities, I think they actually give an opportunity to demonstrate your linguistic ability, rather than its absence.  No-one is going to complain about you inventing some novel curse the way they do about misplaces apostrophes, for example- in my experience it's more likely to be met with amusement and perhaps greater sympathy for whatever the root cause of the swearing was.

I think uniform depends on the school, i go to a private school, we dont have bullies, if there is any bullying its expulsion, no questions asked. All years at my school are freindly to each other and its a really nice place to be, we have uniform up until the 6thform which is smart-casual, but i have no doubts the school work work just as well without the uniform.

As for swearing, its a tool and its part of my vocabulary, i dont swear excessively but it is there as an option to express a certian point or strong emotion. When someone hurts themselves you can see they want to swear but some people bottle it up and just say "ouch that hurt" in some ways i feel sorry for these people as it seems they are uncomfortable expressing their full emotion.

I dont avoid swearing but i dont constantly swear either, its a healthy balance :)

He he. Very good. I like and enjoyed your writing style and agree with most of what you said. Bookmarked.

Pretty good, but I have to say, I disagree with the uniform part.
(Thank you for not saying "cussing" in your blog.)