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Bluetooth Trackball for the spinal cord injured. Answered

Bluetooth Trackball for the spinal cord injured. I'm a quadriplegic and I'm looking for a Bluetooth trackball like the old ones from Kensington or Logitech. They were the larger trackballs that have 4 buttons. I know there is a large population of people with disabilities who would greatly appreciate help in locating someone to design, engineer, and produce. There is definitely a large demand for one of this type. I know there are wireless USB units currently on the market however moving from computer to computer I'm afraid that I will lose the USB receiver plug. Something like the link below…


If there is somebody out there brave enough to help, please let me know.

Thanks for your help! Steve


Thank you for responding! Yes, I have done many searches and all I can find are USB wireless trackballs. The reason for not wanting one of these is because it's very difficult to transport because the USB plug-in is very small. Being a quadriplegic, handling anything small like that is next to impossible and would call for purchasing a whole new unit. I need something that I can just pick up and take with me to use on multiple computers, not having to worry about finding the USB plug-in that might be left at home, or lost in the process of transporting. Those are my reasons for looking for a trackball that's big enough and easily transported without having to manually connect wires or pieces. I do a lot of work on the computer and for other people on their computers. That's why I need a Bluetooth trackball. I hope this helps! Steve

So everywhere you try to use a computer already has BT built in? I know many laptops will have built in BT but most full sized PCs don't. So you would either need to move your own BT dongle around or buy several dongles to give to those who you do work for.

All computers have Bluetooth, that's not the problem. The problem is nobody makes Bluetooth trackballs that someone like myself (a quadriplegic) can use. They need to be like the old 4 button trackballs, with a large ball. I've seen one that used a USB dongle. The problem with that one, someone like myself cannot remove or plug-in the dongle because of the size. It is too small to handle and would be easily lost. I think it was Kensington or Logitech who made that one. I just don't understand why they can't make it a Bluetooth version??? Where I live, in the United States, all computers have Bluetooth.

A small USB dongle can be "enlarged" by gluing it to most materials or embedded in a chunk of sugru or similar. I don't understand the design of these "nano" attachments just to make them small to be portable but unusable. Same problem is encountered with those USB flash drives. You could also attach that to the dongle to a short USB extension cord and overmold that for better ergonomics. Certainly for desktop pcs, bluetooth usually is not a standard option. Good luck.

The idea of the mini ones is purely to extend the function of your particular device. The idea of interchanging them is NOT part of their role. No BT ? Plug this in, your PC now has BT forever, without the mechanical problems of a long lump sticking from the side.

It seems witless of Logitech NOT to do a BT version doesn't it ? How much are their "unifying receivers" I wonder ? It wouldn't be THAT hard to make a USB trackball into a BT trackball, but the BT "stack" is complicated. Try your local Hackspace and see if there's anyone there that would have a go for you.

Thanks for the help! I'll try looking for a local hackspace. Never knew they existed, cool!

Have you done a search? There are many wireless trackball mice on the market. Logitech makes wireless variants of there track ball mice. Sounds like you want the good old 4 button kensington trackball mouse. Fortunately Kensington did make a wireless version. Its been discontinued for a while now but can still be found. But it will cost you nearly $200.