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Do We Know the Book Winners? Answered

Maybe I missed it, being on holiday (I'm back, by the way), but The Book contest is supposed to be over, judged and everything. So, who won? I can't seem to find a list of winners, or an announcement about delaying the announcement.


Holy crap! The Tshirt for Goodhart Ible is there! So technically you could say you won...

Sobbing? No, these are tears of laughter!

You can still find your way to the final talley of votes for the 'member voted ibles' But no official word yet, except that they are still in the process of contacting each member asking for permission.

man, you shud put some traps down, or some poisen. They spread diseases you kno!

Actually, it isn't the rats themselves but the mites and fleas on the rats (and other mammals) that carry the disease. :-)

sorry i should of clarified, i mean a flesh eating zombie disease...

really... i did..... . . . . .

? *shrug* I know the Black Plague itself, commonly believed to be carried by mice and rats, were actually carried by a small flea living on those and other mammals. ;-)

yeah i know its the fleas, i did kno what, its ok i dont mind being outsmarted by you.

Actually, it was an exlamation of disappointment upon finding an empty inbox...

yeah, i know, but its ok, i dont think ive spoken to anyone whose been contacted yet, and im sure i made it into the top 50 so...

I would love to have won a book, but am resolved to the fact that I will most likely have to buy one :-)

well, there is those of us who were in the top fifty votes for the member voted winners.

And then there are those of us ( *sigh* ) that didn't make the first 300 (I gave up looking after 300)

well, i got two into the top 50, if they send me two books, you can have the second

I was around number 180-ish. There is hope, though - the editors will be picking their own choices to go in as well.

Well, if enough of those Dups happen ( one to a customer I think ) I may still have a shot....



9 years ago

I have been waiting since it has been over... >:(


9 years ago

I....hadn't realised voting was over, or judging.


Reply 9 years ago

At least it's not just me, then!

I was hoping you had the winner's, when I saw your post.

Ah (changes forum title).

I was just away on the north coast and came back expectant but no nothing yet...

Thats what I was just looking for.... Can't find it either.