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Boxbots Take Cardboard Recycling To A Whole New Level Of Creative Cool!! Answered

Anyone who's a fan of art will appreciate the work of New York based designer JK Keller.

His "Boxbot" collection takes cardboard recycling to a whole new level of creative cool!! http://bit.ly/JdZf


this link leads to nowhere????

Let me guess, this is another plug for that greenwallah thing? L

If you read the article, then you'll know that it's actually a plug for an awesome New York designer who takes cardboard consumer packaging and recycles it into boxbots.

It refuses to load which is why I was guessing. Do you have a direct link? L

Holy schmoley -- I have no idea why the stupid link was Libyan. I have my Twitter account automatically set up to shorten annoyingly long URLs -- don't ask me why THEY choose Libyan links over American. That is all there is to it. Way too much analyzation. If people here have no interest in cool art, then I won't waste my time.

I thought it was pretty weird, too. Of course, there are also the television companies that registered domain names in Tannu Tuva (.tv :-)

Meaning you at greenwala, why are you disguising the link via a Libyan domain? L

Tiny URLs serve two purposes:
1. To make it easy to copy a URL from printed media and manually type it into an address bar.
2. To disguise a link for e.g. the purposes of e.g. Rickrolling someone or otherwise.


Not a plug for Greenwala (although that is the hosting site), just an art topic posted there.

Very cute! Thanks for posting the link.