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Bringing 21st Century accessibility into the 19th! Answered

Courtesy of Adafruit Industries, comes this awesome steampunk wheelchair, using their Arduino-based Waveshield for sound effects.  The creator, Daniel Valdez, has a Web site (http://www.smeeon.com) with some issues, but he does have photos and video on Flickr.  It is fully functional, using an 1875 Victorian rocker mounted on a Permobil C300 power chair chassis.



8 years ago

Hello, I didn't realize my wheelchair made it on instructables. I've been a member here for some time and love the community. I did not make an instructable about this because like Kelseymh said a lot of the stuff was found and unique. The techniques I used were learned from many places, even here. In particular was the painting technique used on the entire chassis. I may yet provide an instructable on that. Until then you can view my  progress gallery here www.flickr.com/photos/smeeon/sets/72157619630349582/

I do hope it inspired people who find the steampunk genre interesting to take something they love and steampunk it. It's more about making something uniquely ME and not what everyone else SAYS it should be or what everyone else already has. 

I love X-men, I fell in love with steampunk long before the modern trend and I love hacking electronic stuff.. that's what brought the chair to reality.

feel free to contact me if you have any questions specifically about it's construction.

Whoa!  Dude, you're here.  That really rocks!

Your chair build was making the rounds of some of the disability mailing lists, and my wife asked me if I knew what "Adafruit" was.  I saw the project and thought it was sufficiently cool to advertise.  If I had known you were already here, I would certainly have pinged you first.  When I tried your Web site, none of the links worked, so I wasn't able to contact you otherwise.

yes, my website is horribly horribly out of date, about the only link that works is the "pictures" which sends you to my flickr page. I've been working on updating it, the new version should be out in the next month.

I'll see to a slide show, no promises on time frame though lol

as for being "here" I may troll but I love this place ;)

Hey, is there a way you can do an Instructables slideshow?  I'd really like to add it to the "Scooter Trash" group.  It's really dedicated to motorcycles, but this would still bring a lot of interest.  My son is rebuilding an old Harley, and is going at least partially steampunk with it.


8 years ago

i wish these steampunk guys would share their techniques instead of using this as a bragging forum. their stuff is cool and very interesting i wish they would share more.

Huh?  The creator of this chair is not an Instructables member.  He did not post this.  I found it on the Web, thought it looked really cool, and posted it. 

Why don't you type "steampunk" into the Instructables search box?  Then take a look at just how many steampunk people (not just "guys," your sexist assumption notwithstanding) do share there techniques.  Then come back here and explain yourself.

Correction!  Apparently the creator is here on I'bles, and has followed up to a couple of postings above (below).

One of the problems with steampunk instructables is they often use one of a kind pieces that the builder happened to find so we are then unable to copy their creation... but we can learn the theme and build with what we have.

they often use one of a kind pieces that the builder happened to find

Using found parts for projects isn't special to steampunk.  Many (not most, but many) of the projects here involve people using stuff from their garage, or a dumpster, or a flea market.  Re-using and re-purposing is a core value of the Maker movement, after all.

but we can learn the theme and build with what we have.

Which is, after all, part of the point of doing it yourself.

that is so cool how long did it take you ...

2 months to FIND stuff, 4 months to assemble it, have a heart attack when stuff broke, and completed AT dragoncon 2009.

Read the text and follow the links.  I didn't build it.  My name is not Daniel Valdez.  I don't write about myself in the third person.

It's funny that you should post this now Kelsey, my wave shield for an upcoming project just arrived :p

Well, the author put it up on Adafruit's blog late last week, and it was making the rounds of the disability community's mailing lists.  So I caught it there and passed it on :-)

My project is an AT project. If you stop by IRC any time soon can I have some advice please? :)

Sure!  Or you can send me an e-mail (better than a PM here, actually).

yo man

8 years ago

way cool ride almost as cool as cars

Now I know what I'll be in when I wake up and cant move my legs...

Sweeney Todd, any one?

I really must tell my Uncle, he's in a wheel chair and loves this kinda thing.


8 years ago

Aw cool! I would lose the ability to use my legs to ride in that!

LOL jk but it would be sweet!

 Love the chair, but it doesn't tell me how to build it.

That's because it's not an Instructable, unfortunately.

There was a version for the movie Wild Wild West.  Life imitates art imitating life.