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Build a shocking device from 12volt source with 120 volt converter? I have 12volt jump starter with 150 watt inverter? Answered

I have a doggy gate accross my kitchen, it is all metal but has rubber insolaters on the ends
were it attached to the wall. my big dog jumps up on it and moves it around. i would like to stimulate a small shock that would deter this action.


Have you already set aside either money or space in your yard to bury the dog after you kill it?

You ought really to train your dog (without electricity). This is just one behavioral-aspect, there will be others. The answer you want wouldn't be simple, unless you bought an "electric-fence"-unit. L

I agree. Using a 150 watt inverter you'll likely electrocute (that means kill not just shock) the dog.

There are lots of ways to train the dog to leave the fence alone.

This is just a really, really dumb idea. You'll end up killing someone, if you're lucky it will just be you, and not a relative, friend or neighbour. If you don't understand why its a really really dumb idea, you shouldn't even be thinking about it.