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Building a home-training program? Answered

Sup all! I'm really interested in becoming a modern ninja, so I googled it a bit. In order to be an urban ninja, I will have to learn parkour and the highlighted of the traditional 18 ninja skills, others will be useless.(Horsemanship? It's Urban Ninjutu, in a city...) Check wikipedia here for more info.
  1. unarmed combat
  2. sword techniques
  3. stick and staff techniques
  4. throwing weapons techniques
  5. pyrotechnics and explosives
  6. disguise and impersonation
  7. stealth and entering methods
  8. water training
  9. tactics
  10. espionage
  11. escaping and concealment
  12. meteorology
  13. geography
I need to find a good book/DVD series that will teach me traditional Ninjutsu, thus will teach me all of the listed skills. I want to focus mainly on unarmed combat, followed by stick, staff and sword techniques and weapon throwing. The rest is stealth, to sneak into places without being detected. That should make me a basic ninja. Finally, after I'll know these, I will study the less important skills - the italic skills. 

What I ask for help is, to give me a good DVD or a book that will teach me either parkour or Taijutsu(unarmed combat). These are the things I want the most, explained before. I prefer the course to be free, like an online study course.



8 years ago

Read some of Stephen K. Hayes stuff. He is the only American given the title of teacher buy the official ninja grand master, Masaaki Hatsumi. Also, do LOTS of core excersizes. Pilates, yoga, all that stuff. Have you ever been in a fight with a guy who was really small, thin, no visible muscles, but you could budge him? That's the core muscles. With a strong core, you'll be unstopable. Also, disguise and impersonation, water training, tactics, espionage, and escaping and concealment to the list of major skills. You onlt but the funer, more exciting skills on the major list, not important skills. And make sure to eat well. Start by reading a bunch of good nutrition books, look at the food pyramid (google the government website). Follow the food pyramid at first, but adapt it more to yourself. Make sure to let only natural food into your body. Try to drink at least 3 quarts of water a day, and drink lots of gatorade when excersizing/training. Also, lots of the best resources for ninja info are in Japanese, so you might want to take a quick japanese course. make sure to listen to your body, and don't overtrain. But don't under train either. Google some meditation techniques for the ninja, but stear clear of old Naruto sites and the like. Here's my motto, and you should follow it: Train hard and be safe.


Answer 8 years ago

Thanks, I'll try... I have just mailed to a Ninjutsu website in my language, I'm waiting for an answer. I hope that there's a Ninjutsu summer camp or something...


8 years ago

sword tech.

unarmed combat

Use google to find the rest.
Youtube has lots of this stuff but I don't know how reliable it is.

Speaking of that I don't know how much of this stuff you can actually learn  from a dvd.  You're going to need at least a partner and a real instructor would be much better.  It'll kinda be like learning to play guitar using dvd but without actually touching a guitar.


Answer 8 years ago

I see what you mean. By the age of 15, I will be able to finally go to a course. I'm not sure if that video will help me too much, and I don't need an unarmed combat course if it's not Ninjutsu. I go to a Karate class. Right now I'm still searching...


8 years ago

"Sup all" is a question, meaning "What is happening / happened / what are you doing / have you done?"
A Ninja needs to be "sharp" and use a question-mark where it is needed. It might seem trivial, but you cannot master Ninjutsu / Ninjitsu without a sharp and efficient mind.
If you look, you find...