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Building a sawing-a-woman-in-half box? Answered

I'm interested in building a box to perform this illusion on the relatively-cheap. Granted, there are many ways of performing this illusion; I'd like to build one that doesn't require two women but uses fake legs instead. I don't need help with the fake legs.


can u allow me to this please?

Feel free - that link isn't mine.

Remember to take lots of photos as you make it, so you can write an instructable.

I hate to bump a topic, but this is fairly high priority for me right now.

did u ever figure this out? cause im looking for the same thing and dont know how to

i would like to be sawn in half

I suppose my request was somewhat ambiguous. I'm looking for a way to build a suitable box; I already know how I plan on performing the illusion. I'm just not familiar in the least with building an interesting-looking box of suitable size - where do I get the parts? What parts do I need? How much larger will it need to be than the person it houses?

Try make a cardboard prototype first - that way you can figure out how big the box needs to be. Depending on how you plan to execute the illusion, I assume height will be the crucial factor: you want a box that's high enough for your assistant to maneuver in, but low enough that this seems impossible. If you make the height of your prototype adjustable, you can figure out exactly what the right height is by trial and error...

Again, I hate to bump this but this is high priority for me.

Well, the trick will be in "execution". If you know how you will be doing it, you need to build the box(es) accordingly. Otherwise it would be hard to suggest a way for you to do this (not knowing which way you will do the trick).