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Building kitchen to Shira my daughter - part 1 Answered

My wife and i decided to build a wooden kitchen to Shira our daughter.
Shira is Year and three months old, she loves to play and laugh, we saw wooden kitchen in Ikea store but we think that we can build a better one.
So, this is part one of building the kitchen, designing and paint is part two.


I hope you will like it !
Oded Rabani



7 years ago

Do you have a full set of build pictures? If so, you should write up a full instructable or at least a slide show. The forums aren't really the best place to showcase your work.

Hi there,

I have posted a link to my blog, there you can find more pictures of how it was done.

here is the blog link:

Do you think that I need to add more information ? like what ?

Thanks in advance

Looks good! Read some of the instructables here to get a feel for the amount of detail and pictures that people typically include. With that in mind, I'm sure you could write up a great Instructable here, for others to follow.  Then viewers at this site can rate it, add comments, and search for your instructions very easily.  And, you could even win a prize for your work if you submit the instructable to a relevant contest!