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Building your own workshop Answered


I am working on a business case for a sustainable hostel in Romania, the goal of this hostel is to create a small "village" where people can learn about being sustainable or join up to work on the further development of the hostel. The hostel is sized at 50-100 persons that will be able to leave in self designed and build sheds (for approximately 10 persons), these sheds will all have the same design and will be build on site. The question that I have to you is, what would be the size, costs, necessary, etc. for a self build workshop in which all the parts of the sheds can be designed and built. I know this is quite a big question but perhaps you can help me with providing some rough figures or have tips for locations where I might be able to find some more information. Perhaps you have some out of the box cool ideas on sustainable solutions that can be used in order to create energy or in terms of food supply that we can use for the hostel.


From a 'green' aspect, I'd like to suggest building your entire village out of old tires (tire bale method). Naturally insulating, readily available, and perfect for partial underground construction. Visit TouchTheEarthRanch.com. The actor Denise Weaver built, I believe a 6,000 sf house out of tires and called it 'Earthship'. There are several YouTube videos on this amazing home in Colorado. Good Luck!

I guess it would be better to ask an architect in your area about your workshop building plan and bring it to the location itself where you plan to build that workshop. So, he (architect) can give you the exact estimation that you're looking.

Do you already have a design for the shed? Are there local building codes/laws/requirements that need to be followed? How much of the shed will be prefabricated - shed rolls out the door on a trailer complete or you are just fabricating up to complete roof trusses or just machining the truss connectors?

He thanks for your reaction,

The land that we will be using is sloped, so the idea will be to desing a shelter that will be partially underground and will have a somewhat arched roof. Furthermore are planning to use rooftop gardens for the sheds. The aim is to build as much of the parts at the site itself, however at this moment there is no definite design of what the sheds will actually look like. What I basically want for the workshop is to become a diy working space, where a multitude of tools are available which can be used to develop for instance the wall panels for the shed, but to also to develop the plumbing, etc. However I do not have an estimation in what range the cost will be to develop such a space or what the minimum electricity requirements are for such a workshop.

On youtube there are many "tours" or "How it's made" of the factories of manufactured homes, modular homes or prefab homes (mobile or trailer homes doesn't sound good for marketing). Those would all be multi-million dollar ventures requiring a giant industrial commercial space to develop and produce products on an assembly line. You have to consider how your product is going to be delivered to the home site and logistics of your building materials and what the expected output of completed product should be and of course having doors big enough or high enough to get it out the door. I think you've got an egg-chicken question where you have to figure out exactly what you want built before the factory to make it gets built. Maybe people in the construction trade can give you data. Good luck.

Well the intention is not to have an assembly line, it just has to be a room where some parts of the shed can be developed. I will try to get some more info from people in the construction trade, maybe they indeed can give me more data.