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Bullet Types and Designs Answered

This is a place to post your various bullet types. I have included a short tutorial for what I call "Buck Shot" because it sort of has a spread of blue pieces. The other bullet is also in Gamer5's "Powerful Guns" forum topic. The other bullet isn't very special except that it has a hard impact, but it has a short range.

"Buck Shot"*
Materials: Any Knex gun in which the ram comes almost (within 1cm) of the end.
Seven (7) blue spacers (there are six (6) in the picture, though you need Seven (7))
One of those launchers that you can get in some sets and that you flick to shoot a
Missile about ten feet

Picture 1: Materials
Picture 2: Cock the gun and put the launcher in the barrel
Picture 3: Put the spacers in the launcher in the barrel
Picture 4: A self-explanitory picture of the other bullet I mentioned

Please post any of your bullet designs and what they are good for.

*I have posted this here instead of in a seperate instructable because it is too short to have it's own instructable.


for my last grenade you can extent the end, the ball joint with an orange connector and a rod put inside the gun and shoot out some handsome blue spacerrs

cool, but I don't think it needs an instructable

i was bored and i needed to put somthing up as my 1st or 2nd to test how instructibles work

ya, but powder is for real guns.

or you could take potassium perchlorate (Now banned as a pyrotechnic chemical) and some 600 mesh aluminum powder and make flash powder, which is what the 8-ring cap guns use, so you can just get it from there.

Crossbow bolt with line attached for easy retrieval and funny arch.


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