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Bycycle safety Answered

WeirdBicycle safety film that I found. Were you ever exposed to this at school?

It's entitled "One Got Fat" on account of he had all their packed lunches on his bike, and the rest of them got killed / hospitalised before it came to eating them... But? Erm, everyone else is mangled / dead and the "smart" kid is going to compound upon their stupidity by forcing their butties down his gullet making himself obese?



"This charming little thing christened tinkerbell..." Is now going to form the basis of my nightmares 'til the end of my days. I wonder what the USSR ( Russia, at the time, for you young 'uns ) made of it as a piece of work - for they surely would have had a copy sent back to the motherland for propaganda purposes....surely? All said and done I think this must have been a fantastic era to be a middle class kid in the US.

>...USSR ( Russia, at the time, for you young 'uns )...

you mean its not USSR anymore?

wow...i really need to update more on world events. speeking of which, i haven heard anything recent on Nixon's impeachment.

lol thats quite funny

The ape bug eyes at 6:15 are just terrifying. And again at 10:58! The splat shortly thereafter is hilarious, though. And the announcer really gets on one's nerves. Right? Right.

I also find it interesting that they make such a big deal out of "register your bike or you'll have fallen arches," but not one rider was wearing a helmet.

I don't think helmets (like seatbelts) had been invented then, all you needed was to register your ve-hic-le and follow the rules to stay not-dead... L

That is just disturbing.


8 years ago

At least they said "group think" instead of brainstorm.


8 years ago

I've seen that, or a version of on YouTube. Classic

It could go into Planet of The Apes, but doesn't.... L