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CP2101 USB to serial IC Answered

Sparkfun makes an excellent breakout board for Silicon Laboratories' CP2101 IC. It looks like this board could be used to connect a PC to your microprocessor through a USB port without having to use a MAX232 IC to convert the TTL voltage levels to the serial port voltage levels and then a USB to serial converter. Drivers are available so the PC sees the CP2101 as a COM port so hyper-terminal could be used to communicate with the microP.

The 'S' in USB stands for serial, it should would be nice to connect a PC to a microP using only one piece of hardware. Am I right about the CP2101 providing this ability?

Any opinions would be appreciated.


Wow, the cable version is pretty cool. I knew there had to be an easy way to connect my projects to a PC for serial communication. Thanks again.

Right on! Thanks! It's cheaper too. I really appreciate it!!