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Can I refill my light magenta with regular magenta?My printer won't print in black unless I all the colors are in/ full? Answered

How do I refill my ink cartridge?


You could but the colours would be screwed up as it uses the light cyan, light magenta and black for the dark tones and then your cyan, magenta and yellow for the colours. If you were to put magenta in the light cartridge you would need to replace the cartridge and or clean or replace the print head after.

Can you put the wrong ink in a cartridge? Sure, if you don't mind that it will print the wrong colors. Can you put the wrong cartridge in a slot? Depends on the printer. Some attempt to protect you from this, assuming that it is a mistake. Can you refill that particular variety of cartridge? Depends on the printer. Some actively resist attempts to do so. Can't hurt to try -- at least, not worse than succeeding would, which is probably little or not at all if you use good-quality ink.