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Can You make High Pressure Water Washer with an Air Compressor? Answered

Hey Guys, Any one have experience with fluids? Is it possible to build a device that would take high pressure air from an air compressor and from that make at least a mediocre respectablely powered washer? I'm thinking about buying a small air compressor and and looking to see if i can use it for other things as well. Thanks! JP


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typical house water pressure 70 psi

Typ. Air. Comp. Press. 120

Typ. Pressure washer. 1500 psi




9 years ago

you can buy a pressure washer attachment for an air compressor. however, with a small compressor, you won't be able to use it for more than a short time without waiting for the air tank to refill. they are air hogs.

Nope not like your thinking, but you can take the water and mix in compressed air at what ever your compressor will deliver right into the nozzle (( in fact you can buy engine flushing guns from most auto parts stores for like $20 to $30 )) and they are great for flushing engines and rads with, and washing paint out of brushes and rollers to .... But you won't get much use out of it if you have small compressor because after a few shots you'll be waiting for the air pressure to build up again (( even a 5hp air compressor has a hard time keeping up if your doing lots of cleaning ))

hello, i tried doing this because i dont want to pay for a high pressure cleaner. all i got was bursting pressure but no power on the water. air made it look strong but the water was still powerless. compared to the pressure washer, it is the water itself no air, that is being propelled via very high pressure coz it passes thru a series of pistons. that pushes the water out with solid even skin bursting strenght.


10 years ago

Would the pressure be high enough? I have no idea of the typical PSI range of air compressors ...