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Can anyone build this? (its a challenge) Answered

I want someone to build a knex canadian coin sorter. I thought if someone has built an knex American coin sorter i thought someone can make this. I live in canada so thats why i want someone to build one. Can anyone build one?


Why don't you look at one of the U.S. coin sorters posted right here on Instructables? There are a few which have good explanations of how they work. You can easily adjust them to handle Canadian coinage.

It didnt really work out for me, mainly since we have alot more coins than the us so i tried to double the slide size then the body`s size but then the coins didnt slide onto the next slide, so I thought if someone else tried they might have better luck. But good idea by the way.

Ah, I see. You want to include loonies and twonies. Since those are both noticeably heavier, you might consider shunting them to a second level together, then splitting them on that level.

Ya i did consider that and i tried it but started to get too heavy for the setup so i was having troubles getting it to shake, good idea though.

It sounds like you've already put a fair amount of effort into this! That wasn't clear from your original question (when you read it it sounds like a newbie who wants someone else to do all the work :-/).

Hmmm. The shake table gets too big, eh? I wonder how easily you could isolate two separate shake tables, one for the small coins (e.g., penny, nickel and dime) and one for the larger ones. If you can separate the actions, you might be able to make each one light enough to work properly. I don't see an obvious way to construct that with only rigid K'Nex rods, though :-(

Yes i am not a noob and i know that since i am the only person ever to make an exploding knex rc-xd which i was going to post soon, by the way thank you. I was also thinking that as well but i dont have enough parts for that yet. But i do have new parts in the mail and most of my extra parts are in projects i am about to post, such as the knex rc-xd. I am going to give that a try though. What I think the most difficult part about this is getting the spacing right, some of our coins are very similar in size which is a pain. But i have the spacings down so now all i need to do is complete the actual table.

Take coins to the bank - if you have an account they will count them as long as you separate the types.

At least that's how it works here in the UK

No i just want to stay home and sort coins, i dont have time to go the bank.