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Can someone help me design an overhead oven for a vacuum forming machine? TIA....? Answered


Use a heat gun - No need to be all that fancy unless you expect to be making commercial forms.

Salvage the element and control circuit from an old oven. Or use the whole oven, just mounted upside down.

Wrap some nichrome around some bolts attached to a non-conductive base of some sort and attach the first and last bolt to your power supply, that should do it.


That's kind of what I had in mind. But didn't know what size or length of nichrome to use. Was hoping to power from a 20 amp 120V circuit and a dimmer switch for control. Does that sound feasible??

That might be enough to burn it out if you're not careful, find the resistance for the gauge and length of the nichrome and work out the supply power needed from there (hint: ohms law).