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Can someone identify this mystery seedling? Answered

I purchased a couple of rose bushes from a mobile vendor and this small seedling was growing alongside one of the bushes.  
At first, I assumed it was a weed, but now I don't think so. The seed it sprouted from is fairly large.

Can anyone tell me what the name of this plant/flower is?

The leave are just a couple of inches long now, but I imagine they will increase in size as the plant matures. I'll let pictures can do the rest of the talking. ;-)

btw... I am in zone 9.


It really does look just like a Lychee seedling... right down to the seed and growing pattern.

It's spent it's whole life living within a few inches of a white rosebush until I transplanted it a few days ago. I wonder if the planting was done intentionally.  Possibly the pair have a  known symbiotic relationship like some other plants do? 

lol... I probably won't see the vendor again for another month and my Spanish is *limited*.  Simply posing the question comprehensively would be nearly impossible. ;-/

Even the phrase "Green Thumb" does not translate to Spanish accurately. Life occasionally has it's limitations. ;-) 

At any rate, I'm so glad I didn't just pull it out! It's doing very well, and I thank you for the info, AndyGadget!  I learned a lot... including not to fertilze this youngster. 

lol... I gotta twofer... YAY for me!!! ;-D

It was the seed that gave it away to me - I knew I'd seen a large fruit seed like that but it took me a couple of minutes to remember what fruit it was from.  After that, Google was my friend to verify the leaves.

kinda looks like a passion fruit seedling to me

It really does... except for the seed itself.

The case isn't closed on this seedling and I appreciate your input.

Thanks for your comment, Aussie!

hmm, yes i can't say i've seen a seed like that
no problem bajablue