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Can somone help me figure out this binary counter? Answered

I don't remeber exactly what it's called but i have no idea how to use this and I sorta want to, can anyone help? (man im tired and bad with words)



3 years ago

Negative pulses advance the counter. A Reset is high.

Included the 4017 triggering on rising or falling pulses and

a 4017 counting four

CD4040B.bmp18x2 LEDs.PNG4017x4.gif

Sorry for not replying, I forgot I posted this a bit O_O

Any way I was more looking for what the pins do. what to connect to witch.

A 12 stage binary counter, and you want to do what with it ?

Conut the times a nerf gun fires and make it so it only fires three times... I'm a 4 year old with knowledge of circuitry don't judge me T_T

he he he It's probably over kill cus I only need it to count to three but I guess my question was really what pins do what. I understand what a binary counter does I just can't figure out what to connect to witch pin...

I get that 12 of them are out puts but what do the other four do?

It is a counter that counts up to 12 binary places.

Printers use them to tell where the print head is.

CNC lathes use them to tell where the tool post is and so on.



3 years ago

See the logic and output timing.

Use it to divide by 2 raised to the 12th power or less.


Yeah, I just extract the part number and get the data from the horse's mouth.

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