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Can you build a external hard drive for a canon gl2? Answered


I do not know how they are made, however they do make external hard drives for the gl2. Though they are very expensive. You CAN record and output video at the same time. We have recorded and output via firewire to a computer to project onto a screen. In the menu there is an option to turn on and off the dv control which is for controlling the external hard drive. If anyone knows how to make an external hard drive that will do this for under $500 we would appreciate the information.

In theory yes you could.
In real terms: if you could do it you wouldn't have asked the question, so no.


I have a feeling that you can't. The reason I say this is because I cant' find any documentation that says that you can output digital while recording to tape. The info you need to look for is Can you output digital while recording to tape or can you output digital without having to record to tape. If you can then you will probably have to output it to a laptop. I didn't see anyway to connect just an external hard drive to the camera. I don't see any way for the camera to control the hard drive so the drive will need a computer to control it. Tell us more about your project so we can try to come up with a better solution.