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Can you refill a HP ink cartridge? Answered

I'm using a lot of ink and I would like to be able to refill my cartridges. Has anyone done this? I'm afraid I'll really screw up my printer.
Thank you.


+1 Burf
Yes do what Burf said.
Ink shades are complicated if you use the wrong shade or consistency it won't look right or bugger your printer.

So get the right kit and it is easy to do.

Aren't there printers that use cartridges that keep track of the use. So that the printer queries the cartridge before printing. So once used they will no longer work even if they are refilled?

Yep, there are but for those that have them its fairly easy to reset. Most can be reset with your PC and a small program that is free and available on the net, there is a tool you can buy that resets the chips by shorting across a couple of the contacts on the chip or you can do it by hand with a short length of copper wire. A couple of the refill kits I bought had instructions included on how to reset some of the more popular brands/models.
The method varies depending on the make and model of the cartridge but a quick google produces the information needed. I've even seen new chips selling for a couple of dollars on ebay.
I switched over to a laser printer a couple of years ago and haven't kept up with the latest information regarding ink jet printers but its out there.

Not sure what it was. Remember hearing a lot about it a few years back. Think it was something Dell was doing. Often people would find the printer wouldn't say the cartridge is empty even though it still had about 10% of the ink left. If you tried to refill it the printer would still read the cartridge as used up.

I refilled ink cartridges many times. Because the printhead is part of the cartridge, I wasn't much afraid of ruining one old empty cartridge... do I filled it with FOOD COLORING ink from the grocery store. It actually worked but he colors didn't match very well. I have found it is best to DONT let the cartridge run dry. Try to fill it before it is dog-empty. Also. try to print something every day or 2 so the spray-holes don't dry out. Once the ink dries inside the sprayheads... it is difficult to make it print again. Be sure to have paper towels handy during refills. You will almost always get ink on your fingers and may spill on desk or carpet if you are not careful. Don't use food coloring inks... it was just a crazy experiment I did.


4 years ago

Yep, its pretty easy to do. Order a refill kit (google you specific printer model) online. Most kits provide enough ink to do 8 to 10 refills.