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Candle Holders from Patching plasetr, Drywall compound Answered

Every year we buy candles and it seems the candle holders we have are too big or too small to hold the candles securely enough.
At this time last year, I was doing a lot of fixing up using various types of plasters. 
So I just mixed up some of the compounds into big balls and stuck candles into them. I took out the the candles. And when they dried, I had candle holders that worked.
I liked the concept but tlack the artistry to work this up into a simple, safe, pleasing project. 



5 years ago

Works OK :-) they may be quite chunky of course - Decorative artistic effort to make them look homely..

I have used salt dough in the past as well as cutting the tops from bottle - Looks a bit more elegant than the entire bottle on the table.

A wire coat hanger can be twisted into a holder (Fencing wire if you don't have coat hangers any longer.)

You can even make a spike from the end of the coat hanger and stick it into the bottom of the candle.

We did a project to make candle holders from Acrylic when we first got out laser cutter but many could have been made just as well by hand.


Reply 5 years ago

I like the idea about salt dough; even easier. Candles are important when the power goes out.


5 years ago

You ought to post that idea as a proper instructable, with photos.