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Cannon printer motor 24v Answered

what is the use of this toroid here?




Best Answer 6 years ago

The toroid is a ceramic magnetic ring.
A magnet will latch on to it.

Looping a turn or three through this transformer core
will weaken any spiky RF transients generated by the motor
commutator that would cause conducted and radiated electronic
disturbances from interfering with other ciruits.


It is to cut down on RF or EF interference.

RF=Radio Frequency

EF=Electromagnetic Frequency

You can run the motor just fine without the toroid.

Hope this helps.


A motor, being an electromagnetic device while running, and particularly while starting/stopping puts a HUGE amount of pulses of current on the power wires, which can either feed back into the circuitry or in many cases put out high frequency 'radio' waves that interfere with other non-connected parts of the circuit. That's why when a hair dryer is running nearby the tv image (on an older analog connection) goes fuzzy -- interference.

Probably to cut down on rf/garbage pulses going back into the electronics.