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Carl Zimmer's Science Tattoo Emporium Answered

Underneath their sober lab coats and flannel shirts, scientists hide images of their scientific passions.

Writer Carl Zimmer wondered aloud whether many scientists have tattoos that reflect their science or other geeky interests, and the response was an emphatic yes. He's posting the photos and stories of scientific ink up at the Science Tattoo Emporium. Today's is a gorgeous backpiece of the tree of life, belonging to a grad student in zoology at the University of Melbourne.

Of course, now I'm curious -- do any of you makers, builders, tinkerers, and crafters have geeky tattoos? If not, what would your tattoo be?

Carl Zimmer writes a fascinating science blog called The Loom along with other science journalism.


If you consider anime tattoos geeky, yes.

I have ink.. but wouldn't put anything on my forearms like that.

Well, eventually, yes. But I might argue that some things are more science than others. :)

When I was trying to learn the quadratic formula, I asked my teacher if it would be considered cheating to just tattoo it onto my arm.

She said no.

That's table sugar (sucrose). Others are glucose, fructose, maltose, galactose, xylose, lactose etc...

Example link

I picked sucrose because I thought that would be the more likely pick, but then again, maybe he picked something more out of the ordinary ?


10 years ago

Wow - there's LOTS of great tattoos there. I've never seen the need to get poked with needles a few million times, but some of these might actually persuade me...