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Challenge: design a water cannon for deterring cats Answered

The Cats page (https://www.instructables.com/id/Cats/) incorrectly states that 'Everybody loves cats'.  In fact, everybody does NOT love cats, particularly those whose resent their tendency to massacre the wildlife in our gardens.

I'd like to improve the odds of survival for all the birds, amphibians and small mammals in my garden, but without causing physical harm to the cats.  I've tried scent-based cat repellents without success, and I completely reject the idea of indiscriminate noise scarers. I can't police the garden 24/7, so my preferred solution is a water cannon capable of detecting a cat and soaking it.

To keep things simple, I'd be thinking of using mains pressure to power the water jet, and batteries to power a motion sensor (infra-red). To be useful, the design would need to:

- hit targets within a user-specified arc and at varying distances

- allow the user to configure the sensitivity of the sensor, so that cat-sized heat sources are treated as targets, but smaller mammals are non-targets

- avoid being triggered by foliage disturbed by the wind.

For extra credit, the design could:

- use solar power instead of batteries

- focus the jet at the target, rather than spraying mist over a large area



7 years ago

Try this, perhaps: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIbkLjjlMV8


8 years ago

.  Go Green! Get a dog. He/she will keep you company when not patrolling the garden and will help fertilize it when on patrol.


Reply 8 years ago

I would need a dog repellent around my mobile home.
Dogs and seagulls never respect my privacy.  My van seems to be a magnet to some dogs and seagulls when I park somewhere.

I thought about perhaps an ultrasonic generator or sprinkler system with water and added chemicals which dogs and seagulls hate?


8 years ago

Grab a motion sensing security light (The ones that attach to the house).

Smack on some wires that lead to an electric water irrigation system, for power.

Make the irrigation system just a few wide spread sprayers along the edge of your "area of protection" (You could even use "pop-up" style sprayers)


This way, you set the length of time it will spray and either day/night (Settings on the security light)  and the water will be permanently on but not spraying.

This way, not only will the offending kitty be soaked, but it'll also be in the spotlight!

If you do make something, make an Instructable about it!


8 years ago

 I could set up most of that for you depending on the area you are trying to protect.  I use Lasers and LDR to detect a cat entering a specific area. However a set of coded PIC micro Controllers reference the Laser grid interrupts to estimate the size of the interrupt and the location then opens a solenoid to spray the general area.  Theoretically i could pas the grid co-ordinates onto a 3 axis turret but realistically it would be excessively priced.  Cats are fast.
If you can get the lasers like me for 2 NZD each then this project would cost about 200 dollars.  Is this the type of thing you were looking for?  It definatly worked for me protecting 5m Squared Vegetable garden.