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Charging rechargable battery using USB? Answered

New here and I have a question. I was building a NES MP3 player and everything is going fine until I got to the battery part. At the moment, it current uses normal nonrechargable AAA battery to power it but I was wondering if it's even possible to put in a rechargable battery in there and wire it up to the USB port so that plugging it into the USB will recharge the battery? If so, how do I do it? Thanks in advance


i can't find any chips from microchip or maxim-dallas that can charge 1.5v batteries with usb if you need 3.6v then you can get one that is meant for charging lithium ion cells with the usb, you can also reduce the voltage with a regulator

That's nice to hear. Is there a guide to make it or can I just buy from somewhere? Is it difficult to contruct it yourself?