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Cheap casting compound? Answered

I´m on a budget and looking for a compound that can either be poured into a mould like plaster or is at least very soft and hardens in a short time without massive shrinking. (low temperature melting metals -> too heavy, plaster -> not rigid and hard enough, epoxy -> too expensive)



I've never tried Ultracal, but Durabond 90 sets really hard, pretty much too hard to sand. It takes longer to set up, like overnight.

There's mortar mix. or Portland cement. if used pure, it would have a rough finish, but it's much harder than plaster and an 80lbs bag costs under $10

Also Ultracal 30, a cement variant which takes excellent detail and cures extra hard. I used to use it to make molds for foam latex appliances, and it worked very well. It's pretty heavy, though. Wish we knew what the casts were going to be used for....

...ultracal seems to be a mixture of gypsum and cement, maybe i should experiment with it...
I want to use it for small structures so weight is not a problem, if it´s strong enough i could make them hollow....

If you're looking for something that works and takes detail like plaster, but is much much more durable, Ultracal might be just the thing.

Apparently low temp metals. I presume aluminum, gold, silver, lead, and or tin

....i´m already using Oogoo to make molds, fantastic idea btw....