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Cheapest way to connect arduino with wifi Answered

Can anybody tell me the cheapest way to connect an arduino over internet via wifi


You need to get an arduino wifi shield or module. You can shop around from reputable electronics suppliers like adafruit or sparkfun or take a gamble on the cloned boards out on the open trade market. Good luck.

i live in india and here wifi shield is very costly i want a cheap way except the wifi shield

You can check out rhydolabz or protocentral which are resellers of sparkfun/adafruit and sell online cheap but trusted stuff as well in India.

Since wifi frequency is regulated you might have a tough time as an individual to develop something on your own and will probably cost you more to put together transmitter and receiver elements together to rig up such a system. I think even trying to get wired ethernet for an arduino to a spare access point router would be more effort than trying to get a shield specific for wifi. Sorry, maybe someone with more electronics experience has suggestions.