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Choosing the Right Amplifier? Answered

Halo everyone again! This time around, I am planning to build a dedicated modern jukebox/ music kiosk. It will have touchscreen and all the good stuff. HOWEVER, I am not sure of the what amp to use for the speakers. I am planning to drive 6 coaxial speakers on this thing, 3 for each channel. The coaxes have a spec of 35watt continuous and 140watt peak.

First off, will 6 of these be powerful enough to get a large living room thumping for parties, and if yes, what power amp would i need? I am planning ot buy the Sure Electronics amp boards, but ont know if i should get the 2 channel 100watt or invest in the 2 channel 300watt. These coaxes are 4ohms each, and i will probably hook them up in series. (unless there's a better way you guys can recommend).

Would appreciate any and all help!