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Christmas Answered

what are ya gettin for Christmas?


snowboard, maybe um i dunno.

(i know this was posted 3 yrs ago but will ask anyway)
where do u snowboard?
i go to ober gatlinburg in tennessee, u ever been there?...

I got a gun, annual gift giving day came early.

IDK, it's Christmas duh.


Ha ha. Thats too bad, I s this one of the things I get to look forward to? (Runs off in a 5 year olds voice and yes I WANNA TURN ON THE TEETER TOTTER WHEEEE!!!!

Hmmm, Maybe I'll become part of the government (aka governor or something)
and raise taxes then delete them in time for my impeachment, Then I'll save the money ermm and uhh ok why am I telling you this? world domination here I come!!

Hmm, I give up, why are you telling me all that LOL

And who is going to give it to you? EVERYONE!!! Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Nope, just my wife....well she gave it to me early this year


i is gettin a laptop. if i get time i want to steam punk it up. I saw some stuff done with wood and brass and i want it now!