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Circle pattern didn't come out quite the same - also where next? Answered

I have never used any CAD software before but was able to follow this through over a couple of half days at the computer. I'm planing on designing furniture for my new home and building some designs I have sketched out but this is the first step on that journey!

I had one issue where I must have neglected to click on something in the circle pattern tool and ended up with one stiffener component with four bodies rather than four separate components. I hope that doesn't present an issue in subsequent lessons as I am loath to go back and change now. I had to apply the fillets to each body as a result.

Clearly there is a lot to understanding what Fusion 360 is capable of and I've only scratched the surface here - I'm going to need to cut some different types of elements to this tutorial and add some drill holes for different elements like dowels and cams (like the things that clamp Ikea furniture together). Do you have any pointers on further courses relating to plywood CAM design?


I'm glad you're finding it useful! There's a check box in the circular pattern dialog called "pattern type" that lets you choose what you want to pattern. If you set it to "components" it'll make instances of the component, meaning when you change one body all the other ones will change as well.

As far as where to go next, by far the best thing you can do is practice as much as possible. As you make things, you'll come up with new ideas, work out kinks, and more clearly focus your questions. There are tons of great projects on Instructables (have a look at the What's Next collection in this class).

I'd also recommend looking at Opendesk where you can download their designs and try them out. They have really cool stuff.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 10.44.30 AM.png

Thanks for the tip with the Pattern tool. Guess I missed that step. In the end I went and made a new component from each of the bodies because when it came to flattening the parts for cutting from stock (next lesson) all the bodies seemed to move together!

It was actually through Opendesk that I got switched on to the idea of building my own plywood furniture. I went searching for open source furniture designs after moving to a new home. I've found a CNC workshop near me who I have spoken to about cutting for me (they make Opendesk stuff too) - they are happy to work on the tool paths if I supply a CAD.

This is a great course. I spent a while on the web trying to figure out how was going to learn about CAD CAM for plywood. I signed up for On Shape and downloaded a design from Opendesk but realised I didn't know where to start - this course is the perfect starting point for me. I might understand what I'm looking at now when I open that Opendesk design again. Thanks!