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Classic Video Game Quilts - Zelda and Galaga Answered

Check out the amazing Zelda: The Quilt of Power and Galaga Retro Arcade Quilt from Carolina Patchworks.

I've had the Zelda tune running through my head for weeks now. Now up on Etsy.

The Legend of Zelda may have introduced an entire generation to the joy of colorful worlds of monsters and heroes filled with melodies of bleeps and bloops, all contained in a little plastic box connected with wires to the TV.

Bosses and Triforces, dungeons and new swords, secret doors and endless maps; these inspired fear and joy beyond anything a 256x224 set of pixels wavering on an ancient CRT had any right to do. Return to that world by way of a 64-by-64 grid of pixels emblazoned in all their low-resolution glory across a 100% cotton quilt. Octorok and Leever threaten Link amidst the rocky Overworld's bushes and water, as a Darknut patrols in his Underworld dungeon.

- Approximately 64" square.
- Made from 100% cotton fabric and batting.
- Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.
- Pieced and quilted by machine in smoke-free, pet-free, and geek-friendly home.

via Evil Mad Scientist.



8 years ago

How much would you be willing to sell those for???


Reply 8 years ago

Follow the link and see if they're still available two and a half years later.


10 years ago

Those are great! It would be awesome to have one of those.