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Comment problem(s)? Answered

Ok, this seems to have shown up today (but then, maybe I only noticed it today), but when I commented this morning, my first one contained some errors, so I went to delete it; and it would not delete.   I added my correction comment above it, and noticed ALSO that some spaces were NOT being taken.  I don't know if this was happening when one reached the end of a line and the word simply gets wrapped, or if it happens when the space bar is used.  But it does appear to happen towards the end of a line. Are these known problems, or have they just surfaced? 



8 years ago

 I can't paste text anymore!

Here I have copied, and will then repaste, also will then CUT and repaste.... Here I havecopied, and will then repaste, also will thenCUT and repaste...<br /><br />I am not having difficulties with that one....<div id="refHTML"> </div>

Pro? I dunno 
(trying to copy your comment above now: (no luck))    


<em>trying to copy your comment above now: (no luck)) </em> <br /><br />No, copy / paste is a browser function, which one do youuse? I have the latest FF browser. <br /><div id="refHTML"> </div>

I use google chrome. I think only IE and FF work

And FF especially. <div id="refHTML"> </div>

COPY PASTA. Time for ice cream, I'll be on tommorow.

Google Chrome. I did tell rachel a while ago

Are you able to copy/paste on other Web sites when using GoogleChrome?  E.g., entering information into a plain old HTML Webform? 

Technically, it is not browser-specific; they're implemented by theoperating system's GUI (e.g., Windows uses Ctrl-C/V/X; MacOS usesCmd-C/V/X), although applications do have make the appropriatecall-throughs and recognize the back-actions in order for them to work.

If an application author chooses to"reimplement" copy-and-paste, they are quite likely toeither get it wrong, or make it different from the user's standard interface.

Well that's interesting. I just fired up internet explorer to try thetheory and it works! I noticed that to paste text the website needsaccess to your clipboard. On IE it does this but on GC thisdoes not come up. It appears that either GC automatically blocks ordoes not recognise the feature

Some one else reported (and no, I'm not finding the comment) a similarinteraction:  they got a security popup asking if that accessshould be allowed, and when they said no, it reverted to using thatseparate "paste text" popup box instead.

Perhaps this is something you can configure on Chrome usingsecurity/privacy/advanced setting?

Just looked. I allow all cookies and look at all the options but stillno luck :(

I can copy and paste on YouTube, and I used to be able to comment here

Okay, so it's the JS in this new editor :-( Could you post atop-level follow up in my "<a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/Summary-of-observedreported-bugs-or-poor-features/">summary of editor bugs</a>" topic? Include whether you're running Chrome on a Macor a PC (it might matter).<br />

"Well there's your problem right there ;-) <br /><br />I have it, but haven't given it a test spin yet.....<div id="refHTML"> </div>

Everyone has been complaining about Google Chrome's incompatibility withinnovation, which is an oxymoron in my mind.

 can you even see this? i have a similar problem, two weeks ago it stopped telling me when someone commented on something, and Ive asked questions(by posting comments) and it appears that they are invisible.(LOLZ! no pun intended)

Yes, I can see <em>this</em> :-) But I haven't seen the spacing problem lately, so I believe it was fixed. <br /> <br /> <em>...appears that they are invisible.(...no pun intended)</em><br /> <br /> No pun observed ;-) Tis more of an oxymoron than a pun really. <br /> <div id="refHTML"> </div>


No offense was intended, so I am sorry if I did offend. I was just pointing out that a pun is normally the use of a similarly sounding word, kind of out of context. Whereas you set up a phrase that almost contradicts itself, even while still making perfect sense: ie, an oxymoron. :-) <div id="refHTML"> </div>

I can't even see what I am typing.  It still shows up, but if I made a typo I have no idea. 

This sounds like a job for Notepad.txt with his sidekicks cut and paste :-) <br /> <div id="refHTML"> </div>

<h3 style="color: green;">Pah, the hyperlink pop-ups aren't working for me, I've had to edit the HTML...<br /> <br />L<br /> <br />And Preview is dodgy</h3>

<h3 style="color: Red;">Green?</h3><br />

<h3 style="color: Blue;">Easy...</h3><br />L<br />

<h5 style="color: yellow;">Oh!</h5>

<h3 style="color: White;">Ha - invisible text</h3>Yes it does work<br /><br />L<br /><br />

<h3 style="color: White;">LOL</h3>


Some one over the age of 20 said lol.

<h3 style="color: rgb(255,0,255);"> That's strange....</h3> <div id="refHTML"> </div> <br /> <div id="refHTML"> </div> <div id="refHTML"> </div>

<h3 style="color: Purple;">Pink? I tried "pink", but the preview showed it black.</h3>

First off it is fuchsia, and secondly, I didn't use a color NAME I used the color code (hex).....many more choices available. ;-) <div id="refHTML"> </div>

L - How did you get green text.  Is that a "Pro" thing?

I believe it is, does your comment box look like this?



No.  I've got the "Non-Pro" comment box.

<h5 style="color: Yellow;">What green text?</h5>

Yes, it is.  Some of the "More Formatting" includesaccess to the raw HTML version of the comment.

Just another reason to go "Pro" I guess.

There are a couple of screenshots embedded in the long threads on Eric'soriginal announcement about the new editor.  You can see whatadditional formatting options are available to paid accounts. Unless you're a "power user", they're mostly decorative.

So did you figure this out yourself, or did you stalk read my orangeboard?  ;->

BTW, I checked the HTML documentation at W3C, and the"FONT" tag is deprecated and may be removed in futureHTML specs.

I rarely look at orangeboards, I'm a natural meddler and I foundsomething to meddle-with...