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Compare the older posts of Magnet generators "instructable-type" to the current posts - Is this way still competitive? Answered

I love you guys - keep it up!  I am the Hippie often referred to, according to my little brother, Dirt. (I'm older than Dirt...)

Over a year ago I studied this fellow while recovering from being run down on my bike by a hit and run car doing 65MPH. The thing that keeps coming back to me is that I always see a multitude of ceiling fans for practically free.

Also he addresses the over speed topic very well too.



This fellow, makes his own blades, as well as the tail rigging, which prevents overspeeding, so I don't think he's looking at such a speed. To me, just the amount of "cog" you feel when turning it by hand is indicative of that.
Bottom line for all answers so far is yes, at Habitat and elsewhere the fans w/o blades are scrap price, and without viewing this guys rather longwinded YouTubes the answer isn't clear - I don't expect anyone to do that just for me.
Maybe I'll get lucky, but FYI he does a great job in the video of explaining everything.

Wish I could find a ceiling fan for free!

I would doubt something designed to operate at a few RPM is going to be efficient at perhaps 3000 RPM. Ceiling fans are flat a prop is curved with the tip at a lesser angle than the base of the blade.

A well designed Propeller should be better.

And your question is?

I think its "does this way work well compared to current methods?"