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Computer controlled timer Answered

I am building an indoor hydroponics room to grow herbs and tomatoes year round.

I would like to be able to control the lighting and the water pumps with my computer.

Any ideas?



if you're not too keen on doing your own microcontroller programming/wiring/etc.. you could also use one of these, basically gives you 8 relays capable of switching full mains power. if you needed more than 8 relays you can get two and bridge them together as well to get 16. plus it's serial instead of parallel which is a bit cleaner. it's also fully isolated

The simplist way would be to hook a relay (with protection) to your parallel port

A more modern way would be using an arduino, I don't like using arduinos but it's really easy to have usb interface!

And one of the most complicated solutions, but "best" if you know how to do it, is to use something like an attiny85 running V-USB to control a relay, but that's like the most complicated way because it involves a lot of coding (unlike the arduino variant).

If you have a parallel port, I recomend that