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Contact microphone to listen to finger-taps Answered

My idea is to attach a contact microphone to the wrist to listen to finger-taps and determine which fingers produce the taps.
- The tap sound propagates along the bones like in tubes, 
- Each finger produces a characteristic sound signal.
- Pattern recognition of sound signals identifies the sound and the finger that produces it.

Any help?



I guess this is possible but I doubt there is a lot of difference between fingers. I could be wrong on that.

If you attach the sensor to the surface to be tapped you could use a Pizeo sounder as a sensor, A microphone will need to be conditioned before sending the signal to the microprocessor/computer.

A shmitt trigger should do the job.

Thank you for the reply, I know it's challenging but in my application it is necessary to have the acoustic sensor on the wrist.