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Control Tower at the Center of a Rainbow Answered

Check out this picture taken by seedlingproject of the Squid Labs/Instructables Control Tower at the center of a rainbow.

I wonder what's at either end!


Somewhere under the rainbow, way up high theres -instructables!

It looks like it is supporting the rainbow :-)

INSTRUCTABLES: SUPPORT THE RAINBOW! Not bad for an alternate slogan. ;-)

just so it doesn't start to be called the "rainbow bridge" LOL

That must have been edited! Instructables would have been at the end of the rainbow, cause you guys are just a pot of gold =]

That's awesome! At the other end, there is a big pot filled with many components, any real electric worker guy kind of person would want.. other side has a pot filled with Instructables Gear, such as patches, stickers, Robot T-Shirts, ornaments, etc...


10 years ago

I hear on the radio that fighting has broken out in downtown Oakland regarding a certain pot of gold...

Instructables...Taste the rainbow.

Probably two pots full of muffins! Awesome picture!