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Convert 2-AAA Keyboard to USB Powered Answered

Let me preface this by saying, no, I don't want to just get another wired keyboard - I want this one as it is small and compact, and looks/feels nice as well as it was free.

I have received a small Silver Crest wireless bluetooth keyboard and it runs off 2-AAA batteries. I'd like to convert it into a wired keyboard because I hate battery powered stuff and I want a replacement for my current one(keyboard).
I've read that some projects recommended adding several diodes to lower the voltage from the 5v USB output or using resistors but I'd like to have more concrete information for this specific project. Will the amperage be too much/little? Will there be any noise that might interfere with the signals? (since it's bluetooth) etc



Best Answer 5 weeks ago

Two 1N4007 or similar in series will drop the voltage by about 1.4V.
Since you don't need the data lines there should be no problems.