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Convert File to Folder? Answered

Is there a way I can use batch file to convert a file to a folder and back to a file again.

OS: Windows 7


A folder is a directory. A file is a file. The two are not interchangable concepts.

A folder holds files, a file holds data. They hold two different things so it would be a bit impossible.

I know this thread is over five years but i'm getting the same thing on my portable hard drive. Some how my files (music, video, pdf, doesn't matter what it is) are being changed to folders. Sometimes i'll finish with the file and it'll convert over, other times it'll already have changed. The only thing i can do after woulds is hope that i have it backed up somewhere else. So yes bounty1012, its not impossible.


7 years ago

oh yah...?? then why is my folder changes into a file format...??? the folder is in my i-pod but when i open it it changes into a file... >.< i cant change it... please help me guys... and if you want a proof... her is the scree shot...


in case he needs to create mac ".fpbf" folder or TS ".tsf" folder, for non-windows computers to view data.