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Cooking Contest Results!!!!!! Answered

Well...I've finally finished judging! The top 5 instructables, and the winners of instructablea stickers and a patch are (in no particular order):

Killer DnD Bean Dip by AtomicBeaker

Sticky Rice with Mango Sushi; cheater's version by westfw

Seven Layer Seven Grain Bread by technoplastique

Roasted Hot Pepper Sauce (original recipe) by lemonie

Apple, Cheddar & Bacon Sourdough Sandwich by kitchenwench

With the winner being...

*drum roll*

Seven Layer Seven Grain Bread by technoplastique

technoplastique will get to choose between a laser engraved cutting board, wooden spoons, or spatula set.

All of the winners will be sent PMs by Canida on claiming your prizes. Congratulations to everyone who won, and everyone who entered the contest. You all had some really great cooking instructables!


Congrats all! That bread does look tasty!

yes it does. of course so did the apple bacon cheddar sandwich. i kind of want to try to make the hot sauce, though i am lacking ingredients and money... congrats everyone, they all looked great.


11 years ago

Congratulations, all! I'll send out PMs to the winners to let you know how to claim your prizes.