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Could I have a rabbit's nest under my shed?? Answered

I've seen a wild rabbit near my shed. I can't see all the way under the shed, even though it's up off the ground, because there's a mound of dirt under there. I put lettuce just under the shed, and it disappears. Could the mound be a rabbit's nest??


rabbits will not nest under a shed or building


9 years ago

I would try with some carrots and see if they disappear in the morning. Seriously though, if you don't want rabbit holes under it, you need slightly deeper foundations.

Depends on where your live The rabbits around here like to build their nests with a clear view of predators they like to find a depression in the ground with tall grass, in the spring that is, when they have babies. In the winter they will live in abandoned groundhog holes or in holes left behind by strip mining. There are some species that were introduced to america that do dig holes. Mostly out west. But i know nothing about them.

Either that or Trolls.. If you can survey the shed as it gets dark you might see the rabbit, or see what a dog thinks of it? L