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Could a small, butane pencil torch(2000F)cut through a steel pipe between 1/8-1/4in thick?If not, got any suggestions? Answered

I need to know this to make my first Instructable, so any help with how to cut this would be appreciated.


Nope. Even a large butane torch won't cut steel pipe. An oxygen-acetylene torch (3500 F?) cuts steel by heating to the melting point, then a jet of oxygen oxidizes through the metal. You need a lot of heat, localized in a small area. A 14 or 18 tooth/in hacksaw is probably the only way that doesn't involve lots of equipment. When done properly, a hacksaw isn't terribly slow though it does seem to take forever. (Not too fast, about one stroke per second, raise up slightly on the reverse stroke.) Prfesser

No. Only if you mix oxygen with it. Then it is volatile enough to cut through steel. After youve gone to all the trouble of mixing the gasses and regulating them, you could have just bought a $200 Brazing Cutting kit from Lowes and cut the 1/4 steel you need.

I don't think so. How about a hacksaw?


I second hacksaw. It's cheap and it works

Get a reciprocating saw (Sawzall) with a bimetal fine tooth blade. That is what plumbers do if the wall of the pipe is that thick. You must have an 6-8 inch diameter drain pipe that big.

If that was 1/8-1/4 diameter pipe, they make tubing cutters that is a small hardened cutting wheel you clamp tighter and tighter on the pipe, twirl it around and it will cut the pipe for thin-walled metal tubes.

If your not worried about the edge of the cut a dremel with the fiber cut off blade can do it but it will take some time.